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About us? About you! Yes, BISITME is about you, the business owner. The idealist who one day had a dream of creating something of value… a means by which you would sell the services or products of your making. The visionary that took the courageous step to start your company and faced, dealt and overcame the difficulties encountered during the start-up process. The achiever that struggles with the day to day challenges and with enormous efforts complies with the expectations and requirements from clients, vendors and regulators.

With over forty (40) years of business experience, the founding team members share the same dreams and face the same challenges and struggles. It is within these shared circumstances and conditions that BISITME is conceived. An evolving marketing tool within a community aimed at addressing your daily organizational needs, thus supporting the realization of your goals, objectives and dreams.

Join us in this creative, innovative and resourceful approach to industry. And as one of our contributor eloquently articulates it: “BISITME…bright, bold and with a touch of blissfulness. And I get it the "B" is for BUSINESS!”.

He is correct, You and Your Business.

Our Vision

To be the frontrunner in web and marketing services, consequently stimulating, promoting and energizing economic development in the regions we serve.

Our Mission

Provide businesses with an affordable marketing platform that will allow them to be competitive in a global economy.

Our Values

  • Innovation
  • Efficiency
  • Creativity
  • Honesty
  • Optimism
  • Passion
  • Respect

What We Do

Tactical Marketing Services

We help your small or medium business generate, grow and close more sales from your marketing efforts, at a price that’s sustainable for the business. We study your industry, evaluate your needs and apply a work plan, according to your specific goals.

Accounting, Audit & Tax Services

Full accounting cycle, monthly closings, financial statements preparation and reporting. Payroll, withholdings and related filings. Audit, review and compilation services. Annual tax filings. (Referral Service to members of the Bisitme Community.)

Webpage Design

A solid and effective website is the most important component of your marketing strategy. We build top quality websites - customized to your specific needs - that will keep your audience engaged and connected to your products or services at all times.

Digital Marketing & Social Media

Social media is the core of our digital world. A world that changes its algorithms by the hour. In such a fast-paced environment, you want to capture the attention of potential customers as well as keep existing ones informed with news, solutions and new products or services. One on one, with fresh content as needed.

Graphic Design

An appropriate graphic design is what initially attracts potential customers to your product or services. At BISITME, we’re creators, innovators, experimenters…artists. We work with you to capture the graphic visualization of your ideas and translate them on paper…or a 3.5” black PVC business card with gold embossed ink and rounded, beveled edges. Oh yeah, you bet we can also do that.

Branding & Business Makeover

Your brand is the heart of your business. An effective customer acquisition process behind it will make your product or service stand out from your competitors. Whether you’re working on a startup company or just needing a brand or business make-over, we can help you build what’s needed to gain trust from potential customers.

"Two parts of a mold are joined with clay"

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Similar to an artist crafting a delicate sculpture, an owner has to ensure that all of the parts and pieces of his/her business are appropriately held together for a smooth running of its operation. Bisitme aims at being the binding source that brings all together.